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Fire can have the most tragic consequence for both home and businesses, and in a Country where we are security conscious and generally prepared for security breaches, not enough emphasis is put on fire safety and prevention.

Our Fire Department 

Tandu offers a professional fire service that includes a state of the art, economical, high-pressured fire pump with fully trained personnel.  Our subscription service can be part of your security package, a stand alone service or talk to us about our community packages.  

Fire Risk Assessments

Our qualified fire chief can conduct an extensive risk assessment of your home, factory or business and provide you with a comprehensive report of findings and corrective measures. 

Fire Marshal Training

Having a qualified fire marshal in the work place, school, hospital and home is essential.  Without a clear understanding of the nature of fire, its prevention and how to effectively use fire fighting equipment the smallest of fires can rapidly become highly destructive. We offer comprehensive fire marshal training courses to suit all environments. 

Tandu is the official agent for NIMBUS EU fire fighting equipment and accessories. These state of the art systems have been developed to deliver a mist covering which is more effective to fight the fire, more water efficient and reduces damage to property. For more information on our systems please get in touch. 

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